What we Do

We make things better

Our Capabilities

At Peekaboo our diverse skill set allows us to tailor our services to match your exact needs. We partner with our clients to create unique solutions; we really believe that creativity is the key to unlocking brilliant ideas and delivering fantastic results.

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What we Offer

At Peekaboo we always promise to tell you whether or not we’re the best fit for your requirements. Below we have listed a few things we know we’re pretty good at.


Branding + Identity

  • Logo Design & Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Workshops
  • Brand Research
  • Naming

Print + Illustration

  • Bespoke Illustrations
  • Company Stationery
  • Brochure & Catalogue Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Packaging Design

Website + Mobile

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • iPhone & iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
For nine years we've passionately been crafting unique and memorable projects for our clients.

Our Process

Let's Meet

Ideas come from almost anything and anywhere and the best foundation comes from talking with you, our client. We want to learn about you and your requirements; this helps us understand your needs and gives us what we need to create something special for you.


For us, research is just as important as the final outcome itself. We check out the target audience, any competitors, best trends and the best suited printer or technology. With this tied down we are ready to get onto the creation stage; this is where the fun really begins!

We Create

Whether it’s branding, print-based or a digital project, we can now pick up our pad and pencils or open our trusty code editors and start bringing the project to life. Your feedback and final sign-off on the project is most vital at this stage. Coffee consumption goes up tenfold!


Polish, finalise, polish a bit more, launch and deliver. We are only ever happy when our clients are happy at this final stage. Although we launch your project, in reality this is just the start of an exciting journey and an on-going relationship with us. High fives all round..

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